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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Tolka, Vovka

So, small Andryusha caught in a syllable any special sense.Tolka, Vovka forbidden words for it.Being afraid of censure, it provokes the brother Tell , the grandma, the uncle, a koftka jacket, a kultka jacket.The brother too feels in.ety words something abusive and objects I will not be.Mother not resolves.Then Andryusha himself was engaged in selection of the words terminating on Uncle, Alenka, talelka.In certain cases he reflects, as feels that words, though come to an end on but do not bear that shade of value which he expects.

When work

At ten o'clock movings.Children are raised, do nothin do not choose materials.Impression that the class was tired and starts to play pranks.In some minutes again an ideal order.Pupils are absolutely shipped in hard work.They choose new difficult materials.When work is complete, children are joyful, lovely, quiet.If in false fatigue, at ten o'clock, the inexperienced teacher, having taken a pause or preparation for a lot of work for a disorder, interfered, called children to order, would suggest them to have a rest, then excitement would amplify, and the next working period did not arise.

At first show

Size bars of identical thickness and different length with the put scale.At first show the long and the shortest, let's touch, shift take the longest and put on a table, then show the following extreme pair etc.Bars mix, the child displays them one after another.The teacher notices, how correctly it does it, approximately or puts one bar to another, comparing length.After how many exercises it unmistakably finds the necessary bar, what minimum distinction in length perceives approximately.The same occurs and with a thickness.We have prisms of identical length and different thickness.Similar exercises.Tactile feeling rough and smooth plates of different degrees of roughness.

Often the child

Luvsandandar.At images of a family there can be desirable, but really not existing relatives small brothers or little sisters, father or mother.But such drawings are rare, and the child usually is ashamed and tries not to show them.Often the child starts to draw with any member of the family.However, quite often, loving one member of the family, it begins with the image of the one of whom is afraid, but esteems.Love, kindness, trust, attention, and also hostility, the evil, fear, indifference the primordial relations of people to each other.

You answer

On your reasonable question What for it is reasonable answered that the package will take with itself on walk to feed Zmey Gorynych.You answer that To the one who behaves badly, no Zmey Gorynychi will help in our yard do not look Find out, from where it undertook, this Dragon No.What magic subject from the old fairy tale to you especially was useful, when you go to day off with children to walk Magic pocket mirror Lifesaver Magic ball No.The colleague complains that her daughter in any way will not master the oral account.What will you advise to it Urgently messages in studio of early development More to be engaged – and everything it will turn out; To draw and consider trees in the fantastic wood No.

Than more

Children guess even on buttons on a coat.As well as ancient people, children are inclined to resort to magic actions,if it is necessary to affect object or a situation that they settled down inadvantage of the child.One of magic tasks which rises before the childalmost daily, consists in begging transport quickly to reachto the destination.Than more unpleasant accidents can ~ on the road, subjects more actively the child undertakes efforts on a raschist ~ situations in own favor.Adult readers, probably, that fact will surprise,that one of the most whimsical means of transport which absorbs muchsincere strengths of the child, the lift is.

Also it is a positive

And children's aggression and the deceived expectations is already separate conversation.Why break With curiosity.Normal irrepressible children's curiosity.Also it is a positive factor.What to do, that did not get to toys To send to the necessary course and let's miss.From aspiration to imitate.And at me it will turn out to collect then, how at the father Usually it is impossible, and it especially is offensive.And very much it would be desirable to break something else for offense.

The major

The attention of the psychologist is involved at once by Russian specifics ~space vaniye in interaction with the opponent.The major ~which which carefully and long is fulfilled by all fist fighters, ~ vlipaniye ability maximum to come nearer to the partner and ~ in its personal space, having caught a rhythm of its movements.Russianthe fighter does not separate, and, on the contrary, aspires to the closest contactwith the opponent, getting used to it, becoming on ~ the moment its shadow,and through it learns and understands it.To reach such close interaction of two quickly movingbodies at which one literally envelops itself another, probablyonly on the basis of advanced ability of the person to enter the thinmental contact to the partner.

Nature of these

Marcus C.C.Children,s Play Behaviour in a Low Rise Inner~City Housing Development.In Man ~Environment Interactions Evoluations and ApplicationsEd.Carson D.Vol.Childhood City.Milwaukee, So, children's freedom of spatial movings and choice of placesstay out of door it is always limited and supervised by adults.Nature of these restrictions in different cultures has natural a descent ~stvo parents in an every spot on the globe do not start up children in those places, an otka ~yes danger to their life and moral can proceed, and are afraid of strangerspeople who can harm to the child.It is forbidden to children more oftento pass roads on which there go cars, to go to the river or a reservoir andto visit specifically adult places.

Forget about

Sit down, sit down on hunkers, call to itself on knees or plant above, instead of tower over it the mountain.The pose, gestures speak about your desire to listen it it it will feel.Forget about questions.Do without any questions, please.One more strangeness Well, the matter is that if the phrase is issued as a question, it does not reflect sympathy.And after all we should be adjusted on one emotional wave.Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.That happened or Something happened.Taste these phrases, try and think you after what phrase okhotny will tell, what to you occurred Hold a pause.

Fingers of hands

In corporal games with children, existing in national tradition, motherhelps the child to feel and emotionally to live separate parts itbodies in live contact to her hands.Fingers of hands of the child, his palm, before ~, armpits, a head etc.become characters of subject games,each of which possesses own name and character and executescertain game role.It is very important that these parts of a body receive in game the names a name ~on which repeatedly repeat in different ways.

At the left

From everything told appears above, it is how important for children is more younger ~ school age especially city good playground, whereit would be possible to indulge in plenty various impellent ~.However if adults want to make happy with de's such possibilities ~ty this age, they will come across psychological obstacles, a cat ~Children of years were given contours of a human figure, where they on theto understanding interiors.At the left fig.~ we see drawinrelating to earlier phase of understanding of the device of a human body.Here for the child the idea of is important that inside there are bones, but at it is not present ~niya of their interrelation.

Here one of examplesWhen

Places of meetings, on the contrary, are a place of the general meeting neighboring de ~ty, evening sitround gatherin heart to heart talks of the company of friends.Themchoose where it is convenient to sit, it is a lot of place, all it is visible also adults not to dock ~.The last category of places which it is important to mention it placesekzistentsialno~filosofsky and religious experiences, independentlyfound the child.Usually it goes there one to endure the specialstate of mind.Here one of examplesWhen to me was years ~, I lived in Anapa.The brightest ~the line I kept thanks to independently received experience in ~stvo.I was grasped by experience of a sunset which I observed, sittingon a big tower, listening to wind noise in branches and inhaling a grass and sea smell.

Help it to lay down. AS the CHILD

By four months

Feed the kid according to his requirement times a day, sometimes more often.By four months the majority of children times per day are fed.Children being on chest feedin usually do not need an air otrygivaniye after feeding.If you consider that it is necessary for your kid air, after feeding by each breast give to the child vertical situation for some minutes.If you see that the child not air, that, probably, it is not necessary to lift and expect it an air outlet.The blister on a lip of the child arises from a sosaniye.It does not cause painful feelings, does not demand treatment and disappears itself.

One of the important

It depends on specific features of the child and features of a situation in which there is a choice.One of the important conditions influencing the decision of the child presence of other people, adults or contemporaries, their assessment.When the child remains one, it constrains the direct motives much less often, than being in group of contemporaries or in the company of adults.Planning.Performance of strongwilled actions depends on speech planning and regulation.In a verbal form the child formulates for itself that he intends to do, discusses with itself possible decisions at fight of motives, reminds itself of for what it carries out action, and orders itself to achieve achievements of the objective.


It German origin land zy ~, and schaft occurs from schaffen verb ~ to create.We will use the term ~ for soil designation in unity with everything thatI it is created on it by forces of nature and the person.According to ours ~division landscape concept more capacious, more loaded containing ~niy, than the fresh flat territory, which main characteristic sizes of its area.Landscape is saturated materialized in itevents of the natural and social world, it and .In itthere is a variety stimulating informative activity, with itit is possible to improve the business and intimno~lichny relations.

But smallerin

It is possible, therefore girls are not inclined, like boys, ~but to expand the territory in the research purposes.But smallerin comparison with boyish possession of girls usually are more rendered habitablealso are psychologically experienced.Let's return to R.Hert's work.If its first opening was ~zheny communications between a sex of the child and volume of the space mastered by it,the second concerned age features children's territorial ~deniye.Hert found out that volume actively used by children ~riya slowly, but steadily grows in process of approach of children to the schoolI will increase.

When adults

The boy at ~attracted that this idol represents a high carved trunk it is cut ~ ~ a tree on which terribly it wanted to boy to get the benefitand dredging is convenient to cling hands and to rest a foot ~.Only it crawled to a height half as it drove noticed ~ryadok adults it is impossible to climb, it is not for this purpose put.As boyit is still rather small, he obeyed, tears, but remained to stand near an idol.When adults departed, the boy began to touch and pick his finger ~ny surface, the penknife then took out and began stealthily ~ and to plane it a back of an idol.In behavior of the boy two moments are important.

To make a pause

for planes.To remember, and very firmly that for the child value of a subjectthingtoy is defined not the prices Honuhochu, buybuy!!!anybody and not fashion, and its age features and requirements.To consider that children quite often ask not because extremely it is necessary for them, and so, just in case.To make a pause before purchase, to depart and think What happens, if I to it do not buy this thing To try with itself spare cash.To write itself a note reminder and to put in a purse Today I do not buy! Instead we bake a tasty pie we read the book, we go to a public garden to feed sparrows, we go on a visit, we play a harp Or it is simple No! No!! No!!! Intentionally to postpone some valuable, especially advertized purchases.

Each child

The assessment from group is especially important for children since four five years' age.They try to refrain from the acts causing disapproval of contemporaries, to deserve them the positive relation.Each child occupies a certain situation which is expressed in how contemporaries treat it in group of kindergarten.Twothree children using the greatest popularity are usually allocated many want to be on friendly terms, sit next to them on occupations, to them imitate, willingly carry out their requests, concede toys.

Whether prepares

Help it to believe in itself.He will cease.Take care of an environment of your pupils, and they become obedient, disciplined, valid.Virtue, as well as a science, result of concentration of attention, opening or a series of opening which are done by the child if he is ready to it, in favorable conditions.Whether prepares the child such education for life in society It is possible to doubt it.The pupil of madam Montessori, as Emil at Russo a being exclusive.Duty of the ordinary teacher to open to children of difficulty of real life.

If adults

Words and actionsadults as people higher usually make impression put ~telno or negatively, internally or outwardly, but child surelywill react to them and will remember.If adults sharply limit actions of children and do not reckon themrequirements if adults often blame and negatively estimate ~ the stoyatelnost of behavior of the child, can bring it to two outwardly about ~to tivopolozhny results.One option of consequences is blocking independent ~dovatelsky and creative actions of the child.

Boys, than

Sometimes spasms the first signal of temperature increase of a body at the child.More than % of children at the age from months till years test febrilny spasms.Boys, than girls are more subject to this condition.At the child of spasms you can determine existence by the following symptoms loss of consciousness or immunity of the child to external irritants; continuous or irregular movements of extremities andor the persons proceeding within three minutes; irritability, aggression after consciousness loss; the termination of activity or a zasypaniye at some o'clock after an episode of spasms.What to do.

Will help

Positive value has education at children of the general ideas of the sound party of speech and its difference from the substantial party, about the quantitative relations of things and their difference from subject value of these things.Will help the child to go to school and assimilation of concept of number and some other initial mathematical concepts.As to skills of readin the account, the solution of tasks, their utility depends on on what basis they are constructed, how correctly created.

Many people

It is possible to tell that in an impellent instinct of the child there is no grace, the requirement of improvement is not put.Or it is necessary to conclude that movement, sufficient for a kitten, is not enough for the child.Children have other nature, and, means, there should be other way to freedom.If the child has no reasonable purpose of movement, it has not enough internal head and movement it tires.Many people feel terrifying emptiness if necessary to move without the purpose.In the ancient time, wishing it is cruel to punish slaves, deep holes in the earth forced to dig them, and then right there to fill up them, that is to make a monkey business.

Goat milk. Some

While enough

Here I can specify only fluently a problem deserving the most serious researches.While enough to notice, such lessons concerning language development of children, improvement of their written speech are how effective.We see, how the free letter, competent both concerning spellin and concerning syntax of the offer, and concerning the standard of speech, clarity and accuracy of expression of thought naturally is born.We see, how mind of children and their ability to cooperate with each other develops.

Life source, its support. The imagination

At this time

Their explanations why they repeat behind others what is not present actually, are very unequivocal Because children told so, They told so.Thus the child starts to feel disturbing.At this time subject games form the general relation to the contemporary as to the partner in communication, with which opinion the child should be considered by all means.The following age group children of six seven years.Among contemporaries well familiar to them they already show a tendency to independence, however among unfamiliar they, as a rule, .And after experiment when they followed others contrary to own knowledge, they tried to show to the adult that actually well know, how it was necessary to answer correctly.

The child

The special place occupies love of the child to mother.The satisfaction of all needs of the child is carried out through mother, in it a source of all his pleasures, feeling of safety and emotional wellbeing.The child needs direct manifestations from mother and tries all ways to draw it attention.Anna was considered as the exemplary girl.Pierre, her brother, was the awful child.Anna with anything it was impossible to reproach.She guessed all desires of parents.But Pierre's leprosy were always on the lips of all family, and mother with the father generally were engaged of.

. A. F. not Krylov. M, the child

And for own independence. Children

Tools are as though

Application even the elementary manual tools, not to mention cars, not only increases natural strengths of the person, but also gives the chance to it to carry out various actions which in general are inaccessible to an unaided hand.Tools are as though artificial organs of the person which it puts among themselves and the nature.Let's remember at least an axe, a spoon, a saw, a hammer, pincers, a plane., the child gets acquainted with the use of only several most elementary tools spoons, cups, a sovochka, shovels, a pencil.But also it has very much great value for its mental development because and in these tools the lines inherent in any tool are concluded.

The usually

However extremely yours ~but, that the adult learned to distinguish situations, notdemanding its interventions, from, where its contribution well ~wives also it is important.As well as in the majority of other cases, alldepends on extent of understanding by the adult of the role andcorrectness of statement of tasks.The usually adult are ruined by neosozavayemy desireto select at children a part of their vital functions.Sometimes it is expressed in aspiration authoritatively under ~to repair actions of children to the will and to regulatetheir behavior even in those cases where for them it is necessaryfreedom.In this case the adult takes away from children ~tselepolaganiye tsiya and by that does not give them probably ~I to realize the real requirements I know better that for you chorus ~ also it is useful!But happens that the adult joins children, and sometimes even ~ to them to live incomplete situations of the own it is put ~stvo, for example the lock too wants to build of sand or to participate in an obor ~staff giving.


DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development reacts to sudden irritations movements of all body slightly raises the head turns the head here and there reflex moves hands and feet alternately sleeps and is awake a head in vertical situation does not hold reflex looks for a nipple hours per day sleep often empties intestines feeding times a daySense organs and reflexes screws up eyes on bright light focuses a look at distance of cm from eyes physiological squint is noted distinguishes sounds hands are reflex compressed in cams distinguishes loudness and a voice timbre, prefers high pitched voices tries to lift the head when lies on a stomach, sometimes can to hold her for a while twists the head here and there feels taste of the sweet clamps in cams subjects which appear in close proximity to them Intellectual development calms down, when take on hands stops to suck, when that that draws attention in a dream does not perceive external irritants publishes the sounds similar to sounds, published by animals feeding during usual time expects short time considers a face of the person Social development reacts to pleasant and unpleasant feelings shows positive emotions, hearing a tender voice focuses attention on a face of the person I WEEKPhysical development movements of hands, feet and the head still reflex unexpectedly shudders Moro's reflex cams Sense organs and reflexes slightly start to reveal focuses a look on the objects located in cm from eyes looks for a nipple even if is on artificial feeding calms down when sounding more high pitched female voices, than man's quickerIntellectual development each hour from ten is awake cries waiting for the person calms down on hands or when sees a face of the person Social development learns a face of mother, looks at her smile fixedly looks at faces reacts to voicesI WEEKPhysical development scatters hands and feet lying on a stomach, tries to hold the head the mattress can bang heelsSense organs and reflexes traces a subject and Intellectual development reacts to light during wakefulness still implicitly shows emotions prefers communication with close to communication with the unfamiliar calms down, hearing a tender voiceSocial development comes into contact by eyes adapts to position of the person who has taken it on hands I WEEKPhysical development it starts to be rolled with a back sideways when take on hands, can hold the head on one line with a back Sense organs and reflexes short time holds a subject in a hand, but quickly it is dropped by Intellectual development remembers a subject which to it again and again show publishes a sound ee, expresses delightSocial development catches at the person who holds it publishes guttural soundsst WEEKAS the KID FOR the st WEEK MATURED Information which we want to share with you in this book, concerns expected development of your child week after a week.


Man's individuals are adapted in order that is active andit is courageous to collect information in the outside world.It means to aspire ~to follow this world, to appreciate novel, to try all new on ~ache to a skin.Testing the world itself, through itself, the man's individual or perishes,or comes back to the community in new quality, having got new ~niya, abilities, properties.Thus it brings important for a survivallook biological information .In this sense activity of boyish research of the territoryit is possible to recognize the biology of behavior corresponding to deep laws.

M; L. State. uchebno~pedagogichesky

The kid on former

You hear, how the children's shchebetaniye filled your house ohohoh, hectarehectarehectare, paspaspas.The child is at the initial stage of pronouncing of speech.The kid on former likes to play with people and to smile.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development turns the head extensivelySense organs and reflexes laps and plays in a bathIntellectual development short memory works within seconds Social development is interested in reflection in a mirror, can smile to it recognizes different people Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

It is possible

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.Now stage following you mold something positive for example, Pleasure, Force, Good Mood.It is possible to paint figures besides, changing minus for plus.The main thing that the child understood felt he is the sculptor of the mood, he can complete and change it.How to make salty dough There is no place more simply Will knead dough.However, you can charge this work and to the school student; behind business and in conversations it is easier to find a common language.Components g of a flour, g of salt, tablespoon of vegetable oil, g of water.

Except general

It was ours “~”.There handheld transceivers, “confidential packages” for a feather ~ were storeddachas to other fronts, weapon.Except general staff at each soldier wasstill own “~”.Everything occurred about the road.On the roadthere went cars of different flowers, and we considered that red it is our, blackand white it is Germans, buses naive “the peace population”, cars Wad Dra ~gy flowers neutral.From Germans it was necessary to hide, and red to wave a hand very much.It is important to note that in extreme situations wound or deaththe soldier, and also real traumas we always ran in a staff.


Now it is easy to them to learn to calculate solid volume.Especially it is useful after exercises with a cube of numbers by means of beads to learn that work of the area of the basis on height equally to prism volume.The material consists of three solids prisms, pyramids its basis and height are equal to the basis and prism height and prisms, whose basis is equal to the pyramid basis, and the height is three times less.Figures hollow.Prisms are closed by a cover and are, in essence, boxes.The pyramid has no cover from below, with its help it is possible to gather and shift different substances.

Well, the new way, opened

In the near future we should look after children's reason more carefully and produmanny, than behind a body of the child of which we care today, without feeling sorry for money and work, to the fingertips … While good mother, knowing everything that harmfully also is useful for hair of the child, does not care at all of his mind, will cripple him, noticing nothing.Well, the new way, opened to us a civilization, is lon time the abyss between excessive and necessary is still so great.What is the intelligence Without resorting to various philosophical definitions, it is possible to tell that it is set of activity reflective and associative, or reproductive, allowing consciousness to build itself, cooperating with Wednesday.

So at lecture

The way to mark the territory and, at the same time, to be fenced off.So in a train, for example, having taken itself a place, we can leave and depart something.So at lecture we over and over again sit down in audiences on the same, habitual, the place and to us becomes uncomfortable, when About what will tell a disordersomeone, having been earlier, occupies it.We love and we appreciate habitual, personal; having it owning it, you as though also itself you become more considerable.And a chair, on which something nakidano too a sign mine! That did not sit down.that did not climb at all in that space which personally belongs to me!Scattering personal belongings, the teenager, it is possible we remind unconsciously, does not leave the territory for another.

The person

For example, in educational premises of old schools hundred ~ pupils are strong screwed on a floor they stand a row ~ in three columns, and opposite on an eminence costs masses ~sivny table of the teacher.The person entering into a class at oncefeels that in such arrangement of furniture it is embodiedXIX century traditional for school oppositionsocial positions the dominating teacher and ~nenny pupils.Tightly attached tables ~a row about that everything in this space is firm races ~ the stanovka of forces cannot be changed at own will or to please warehouses ~being howled situation.


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